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12 Words Created In Movies And TV Shows - SPAM the food became Spam the Junk Mail

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From the comedy website, an article by Matt Solomon, June 3, 2021.

His full title is "That Gaslighting MILF Put Me In The Friend Zone: 12 Words Created In Movies And TV Shows."

His intro: "TV and movies aren't responsible for all English vocabulary, but that does have the air of truthiness about it, right? Here are 12 common words for which we can thank our onscreen friends."
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@scifi72 My other favourite Britcom is Fawlty Towers.I can watch them over and over.Thank you for your comment, Hilary.


@Mischka, thank you for the tidbit. It's good to remember the 1970's - actually a groundbreaking decade. Before nobody had quite seen anything like the irreverence and humor of Monty Python. You gotta love that English humor. It was weird and wonderful and at times over your head but always funny. And as you say, @laskadog1 (what a touching profile you have), it was wilder when watching it high with friends.


One of my favourite shows of all time.the Monty Python gang were so off the wall and irreverent and absurd they were just hilarious,Also must remember it was the 70's so if one partook in what used to be an illegal substance it was even funnier !Ha Ha !


@Ilovejigidicats Thanks Premiership here we come again ! ⚽️⚽️

@Brian666 On the ball City! ⚽️


Delicious fried spam, yummy ! Enjoy your day......B


I’ll have the baked beans please.


Ha! Now we know who to blame.


Just eat it right out of the can.:P

“I’ll have spam, spam, spam, chips and spam please”.

I feel that this "stuff" would still be with us, even without a name which causes amusement to a few people and slightly balances the irritation.

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