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Tara's Quest: At the House of the White Wizards (easy)

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(Note: this is the easiest version of this image, if you find yourself wanting more of a challenge, look for a version with a higher piece count -- see the links below)

Tara and Teppy explore the remains of a "Place of Power" -- in this case a Place known as the "House of the White Wizards". This is early in the story, not long after Tara meets Tepthera (aka "Teppy"), a metal wright of the Little Folk (or simply "the Folk"). We are not too far from the (predominately) Folk city of Safra Iscoa.

If you've followed some of my previous posts, I've been working on a series of images that I've been calling "Tara's Quest". It takes place in a post-apocalyptic type world in the times long after "The Night the Sky Fell". Tara seeks a means of revenge against those who harmed her and her village when she was a child ... think of it as Conan and Red Sonya wandering around in the Shanara Chronicles.

Though late in posting, this image immediately follows an earlier one in this story, so you might want to be sure you solve this puzzle first to get the setup for this image:

It's a story I've been thinking about for a while now, but while I'm a wannabe author, I don't have the skill to take these various ideas and draw them out into a full story.

So instead I sometimes "doodle" images to illustrate some of the story ideas I've had.

If you solve this puzzle, you'll get to read a scene from the story I was thinking of that inspired this particular image.

If you search elsewhere in my portfolio, you'll find other "Tara's Quest" images as I add them over time.

Hint - this link will help you find them:

Or browse my whole portfolio:
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@jerrys - glad you enjoyed it, though I almost didn't post this one... it was one of the earlier test images for this series and I was not convinced it was that puzzle worthy (too dark, lacking details) ... but the story tidbit that goes with it lays some of the reason for Teppy's initial hesitance in helping Tara, and starts to hint at what drives Tara on her quest (more backstory on that will come out in later images in this series as I figure them out :-) ).


@dgcarlin Thanks for an entertaining time today.

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