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16 Random Facts That Will Increase Your Approximate Knowledge of the World - Tarzan's yodel

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From an article by Andres Diplotti at the comedy website, June 9, 2021.

His intro:

You know what's better than knowing a lot of things? Exactly -- knowing even MORE things! The more you know, the more interesting you are -- that is a science fact. We at Cracked strive to make you as interesting as humanly possible, so we regularly compile these collections for you. It's OK, you don't need to thank us.
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That's my girl, LOL!


I had a ball!!!!!! Loved most of them....a few of them were to snooty! *lol*


That must have been a fun job! Too administrative for me, but I bet you were a rock star.


No, I did not work at the nightclub. I was the Special Events Director for the 'high rollers' that visited the casino. I threw all kinds of parties/dinners for these people. :-))


@Donnajames, and what role did you work in this nightclub? ;-)


Carol Burnett used to always do that call sometime during her show on TV. At the casino I worked in we had a nightclub called Tarzan's and a restaurant called Jane's also a bar called Cheetah's. Every year they paid a hefty royalty for the use of the names. I can see the royalty for the name Tarzan...but Cheetah's and Jane's???????? That is such common names.


My mom and I both thought he was a hunk and true athlete.


@nrhartman, thank you for the priceless story! :-D


He was my favorite, too. I have all of his Tarzan movies AND all of his Jungle Jim movies.


He was my favorite Tarzan of all of them! TFS

I recall a 1984 obituary article about Weissmuller in "Time" or "Newsweek," when he died in a California nursing home. The magazine writer made disparaging remarks about him, stating that the Olympic swimmer (he broke more than 50 American swimming records alone during the 1920s) was a poor actor and even his famous call was created in the studio. The following week, in the Comments section, I spotted - and still have - a terrific, three-short-sentence reply from Mia Farrow's mother, Maureen O'Sullivan, who co-starred with Weissmuller in most of his Tarzan films, starting with his first one in 1932. O'Sullivan said, "Johnny Weissmuller's call was real. I know. I was there."


It was commonly head being made by kids my age.
We coulda been sued! :-0

Lets get ready to rumble is too.

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