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One fall morning when the sun was rising, I passed by this old well drilling rig. It had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere about 75 yards off of Utah's Highway 24. I was between the town of Hanksville and Capitol Reef National Park at the time. If you are like me, you are left to wonder what was the story behind this being left there to rust away.
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CJP, thanks for the info. Looks like this one has been unemployed for a long time. Terry


This is a cable tool rig (looks like a 22w) used for shallow well drilling or clean out, usually water wells. It's been my experience that it's incredibly hard to keep all the lights working on these old beasts so they can be driven on the highway. They often sit near the last job until they are going to be used again.


I said that very same thing to my husband about the scrap metal, ha, ha!


bjondron, I do believe that is my shadow. The sun was just rising when I shot this so the shadows were long. There was no sign on the truck's door but the one of back said "Bucyrus Erie" I learned that Bucyrus was a company founded in Ohio in 1880 to primarily manufacture underground and surface mining equipment. In 1927 the company merged with Erie company. I took two pickup loads of scrape iron to the salvage yard recently. Prices have gone up for scrape metal. That truck would be worth some decent money as scrape. Terry

Al good speculations


I'm interested in the name on the truck's door, if it had one or license plate number.

Is that your shadow I see, taking this picture?

Good ideas as to what might have happened:
Seen any strange lights in the light?
Simply ran out of gas?
Engine trouble?

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