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Thank you, Magnus and Mette and Staff

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If Jigidi was important before the pandemic it's become even more so during it. For those of us for are older and live alone it was a huge blessing. Magnus, thank you for keeping this going. I don't know what I would do without it. Mette. thank you for your essays and thoughtful, caring answers to our questions and complaints. Even though we are an ocean apart and have never met in person I feel that you are special friends. ((HUGS)) Ardy aka ringleader and ringleader2.
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Thanks, Faye. Glad you have safely arrived at your destination. Stay safe.


A little late but no less appreciative. Thank you, Magnus and Mette for creating and maintaining jigidi for all these years. I enjoy the puzzles and comments but more importantly, the many friends I've made through your marvellous site. Jigidi is a lifeline to friendship and good mental health. Thank you, again. ❤️🙂❤️

My favourite crepe myrtle, Ardy! ❤️🙂❤️


Thank you, Val. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Wanda, you didn't need to rewrite your comment. I only wanted you to be aware that this was not Pat's picture. A mistake we all make from time to time. Hugs.


Beautiful puzzle Ardy, a lovely tribute to our Jigidi makers Hugs my friend♥♥♥


My life has been enriched by the friends I've made on Jigidi! I'm grateful for the hours of fun it's brought me. Thank you, Jigidi, and thank you for this beautiful posting, Ardy. I appreciate you so much. Wanda


Thanks, Suzy. ♥♥♥


A beautiful card to accompany words that are so very true. ♥


Happy to have you join in, Barb, Wanda and Pam. I hope Magnus and Mette get a glimmer of how much we all appreciate them.

BTW Wanda, I'm Ardy not Pat.


Thank you Magnus, Mette, and Staff, for giving us this wonderful and outstanding jigsaw puzzle site! ☺︎

Beautiful, thoughtful puzzle and message, Ardy. ☀️


Ardy, I agree with everything you've said and join you with the thanks for Jigidi site....🙂


Thanks for joining in, Juba1010, Shirley and Beth. ♥


Yes, Ardy!! Many thanks to Magnus, Mette, & staff!


Beautiful Crepe Myrtle, Ardy, to celebrate and Thank Jigidi for being there when we all need and love it, Thank you, Ardy.




Thanks for joining in, Sandi, Pat, alias2v, Pat and Iris.


This is a perfect thank you to Jigidi. Jigidi sure adds joy to our lives. grins!☺


Thank you Magnus and Mette, we have all enjoyed this site for years, and hopefully for years to come. I have met so many great people on here who turned out to be such special friends. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

I agree, thank you Magnus and Mette.

Here you can read about how it started:


Thank you Jigidi .. I know from my experience it has been a blessing ..


Ardy, I echo your thanks to the Jigidi crew! I would not know how to start my day without Jigidi. It is a HUGE part of my life. I enjoy visiting with my great friends around the world and challenging myself with the beautiful puzzles. Thanks very much for what you do!


It's raining again this morning and I can hear the thunder not far animals are not appreciative.


Thank you, smpatricia, for adding your thanks. I was going to post this last night but we had a big storm and lost power while I was working on it. Power came back about 1 a.m.


Totally agree!! Thanks ever so much for creating this wonderful site:))))))))))))))))))))

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