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Pinocchio Rose

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This and the mini yellow rose flowered beautifully at the beginning of the flowering season but then nothing. I was afraid the extreme heat had killed them both because I can't get out to water them when needed. Then suddenly a couple weeks ago the mini one had a blossom and then Pinocchio. I'm so relieved and so happy to be able to get out Thursday and tell them so.
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Thanks, Val. Actually slept 8 hours without waking up for a bathroom visit. Highly unusual. Feels great. ☺ Hugs dear friend♥♥


Dear Ardy hope you had a great nights sleep, much love and Hugs♥♥


Love you, Val. Shutting down and heading up to relax in bed and read. Night night. ♥


Hugs back ♥♥


Hiring a window cleaner sounds good, Val. I am vey thankful for CL. She's picking up a prescription for me today. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Ardy thank goodness you have CL to help out. I have not cleaned my windows for two years what with my problems and then Jim's we keep saying soon we will get round to it lol I might hire a window cleaner yet! Love and hugs back to you ♥♥


Thank you, Val. I loved seeing Pinocchio up close again too. I went more than a year with no good cleaning done so can manage 6 weeks. CL will come do laundry. Don't know what I'd do without her. Love and hugs to you dear friend♥♥


Lovely to see Pinnochio again Ardy, so glad you had the time outside. How will you get on without home help while Ana has this time away. Sending love Hugs♥♥


Yes, Shirley. Just when I had about given up on them they have produced more roses. So pretty. Thank you.


Thanks, Barb. He's got a number of roses on him now and it's so delightful to see him out of the upstairs window when I pass it on the chairlift. Cloudy here but cooler. Hope your day went well. Hugs ♥


Lovely to see Pinocchio and your mini yellow rose have survived, and came forth with some lovely roses for you, they are lovely, Ardy, Thank you.


I'm happy to see 'Pinocchio' again, Ardy. Glad that him and the yellow mini survived the heat. Both are so pretty. Hugs ☺♥


Thank you, Jillian.


Thanks, Sandi.

Me too, Beth. Thanks.

Thanks, alias2v

I think you are right, Faye. I'm sure Ana would be willing to water flowers but she come only once a week and won't be here again now until the first week of September. She is currently having time with her family in Mexico. When she gets back I want her to isolate from me at least for two weeks. If I can get a little stronger so I can safely take the walker down and up the steps then all's good. ♥♥♥


Pleased they have both had a second flush and that you can enjoy them. Thank you


They were probably just "hibernating" during the heat to preserve their glad they "hung on" and are blooming for you once again. ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. If the heat hits again, would your helper mind turning the hose on each rose between tasks?



So glad Pinocchio is still with you. :)))


How wonderful! I'm happy for you.


Good morning, Jacki. Yes, I was afraid it was dying and then roses appeared. Thanks. ♥Hugs♥


Lovely, Ardy. Wonderful they finally bloomed. hugs

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