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405 pieces
36 solves
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Art series.
*Max Level 405 pcs.

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Have a fun puzzletime! :-)
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  1. rozum56:45
  2. ponky28121:01:40
  3. funnykat1:03:46
  4. cassf1:08:42
  5. nancytheartist1:13:23
  6. smyatt1:15:14
  7. bertha1:17:15
  8. judepugh1:23:52
  9. GitteFrost1:27:54
  10. Aubrey1021:31:02


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You're very welcome. :-)
I once did a (very!) much smaller version of this one & noticed the same while solving. So I bow deeply in respect to everyone who loves to solve these huge puzzles (for my own 'abillity limit' goes no further than max.70) I can't even imagine over 400pcs! :-O

I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge of this tricky 3D & thanks for also stopping by to leave a nice note! :-))

I didn't realize at first that it was 3D cubes but I saw it clearly when done. The shadows made it tricky. Fun. Thanks


I'm glad you enjoyed @funnykat & thanks for leaving a nice note. :-)


fun thanks

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