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This Gun for Hire (1942) - movie poster

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Another on my series of movie posters. I try to present a wide range of movie types from all eras. And while I prefer the artistic or historical ones I love the schlocky ones for horror movies because they're fun and reflect popular culture. I remember how Veronica Lake - man, she was beautiful - wore that famous peek-a-boo hairstyle. I laughed at one movie poking fun at it. A guy takes his date to a dance hall and as they enter the seated young ladies turn towards the door - all having the same peek-a-boo style. Fads are fads such that the US government asked her to change it so that ladies would not get their hair caught in factory machinery used during WW II. She unfortunately suffered from alcoholism and it hurt her career. I liked her in the 1941 movie "Sullivan's Travels" and the 1942 comedy "I Married a Witch". She left this world young at age 50.
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You're reading my mind! This morning, Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" has been playing in my head. :-)

You must have seen "L.A. Confidential" if you had any free time in 1997 - Kim Basinger played a... it's complicated... let's say, a Veronica Lake look-alike. I loved Veronica, too. Man, I thought "Sullivan's Travels" had been forgotten! Great movie, with a moral no one can object to.

As a science fiction humor analyst, I have often focused on the works of John Kessel and Connie Willis, two contemporary writers who have written extensively in homage of screwball comedies. (John was kind enough to tuckerize me in his screwball time-travel-and-dinosaurs novel "Corrupting Dr. Nice" - the Fiona in the novel is portrayed as a mean-spirited woman because she won't seduce the main character, lol.)

I know the name Alan Ladd, but not really Rob Preston - was he ever in a science fiction movie I might have seen? Lol!


@scifi72 H.O.T. Thanks!

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