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Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday today

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  1. DizzyDame71:16
  2. racoonstar1:24
  3. Milistraya1:42
  4. Ethor1:46
  5. Skarvada1:48
  6. laskadog11:54
  7. hemabo2:03
  8. zdenop2:04
  9. riuskaria2:08
  10. Fishes2:23


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Thanks for the explanation.

With us, on the other hand, grades do not come together, each subject has its grade (you can make the average if you want only for yourself).

You also reminded me ...
when I arrived from Italy, in order to be a sworn interpreter and teacher I had to have a diploma. So I did a year of preparation. The teacher corrected me once on a translation, I said that in my opinion I did the translation well ... and she found that I was right (it is clear, I was an Italian citizen and the teacher used to go to Italy every now and then). From that moment she no longer corrected me.


Yes, grades were A (some used A+) as top grade to F.
In my university, A B+ B C+ C D+ F. Pointwise they were 4.0; 3.5; 3.0...)

The 'confusion:' these grades were used to calculate a Grade Point Average (GPA). That was a 4 point scale that took into account your grades and the number of hours taken. 4.0 was perfect.

I finished with a 3.95 in my major and 3.85 overall. I didn't 'ace' a couple of electives including a chemistry class. Seems they frown upon setting a lab bench on fire during class session. I still got a B+ in the class. I guess because we didn't have to call the fire brigade. (Monoammonium phosphate is wonderful when used in a fire extinguisher.)

Also, I tended to argue with the professor in Adolescent Psychology. She subtracted 0.5 points for my 'class room interaction.' (I proved her 'acceptable answers' on the mid-term exam was wrong on two questions and she had to give everyone 5 points. Guess she didn't like that.)


Hi Robert,

it would be difficult to put these three things together.
Generally the beautiful girls on the boat prefer sparkling wine instead of beer ...
Otherwise it was a very good choice.

I would like to ask ... is your ranking made up of letters at school?
With us it is from 1 - 5 (1 is better, 5 means that you have not passed) and in Italy it is the best 10 and praise.
Also in Russia (I heard) it is from 1 - 5, but the best grade is 5.

Nice day to you guys.


Hey Milena... I like today's series.

On the first night of class, my photography professor told the class:

"My three favorite things are sailboats, beer and beautiful women. If you get me a great photograph with all three of those things in it, you get an automatic A."

(Side bar: this was around 1977 or 1978...we hadn't reached our current state of evolution yet.)

He explained that after many years, no one has made an A with such a photograph.

I made a B+.


... and seasickness !!


Chocolate, cheese, and sparkling wine. Lovely! :D

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