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Crepe Myrtle

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Blooming now in my back yard.
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  2. JillianB0:24
  3. 4wings50:24
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  9. valt460:30
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Thank you, Val. Doing quite well except for the walking part. And that is getting better. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Ardy PINK and lovely thank you, hope you are keeping well HUgs dear friend ♥♥


Thanks, Suzy. I like my yard and get a bit frustrated at times that I can't run out like I used to. I discovered that Sam planted two tomato plants in the back garden as well as the one on the patio. They all have fruit growing. Hope I get to enjoy some of it but I can't get out to check on it or pick it. :-( Hugs dear friend♥♥♥


What a delightful treat to have blooming! Your yard is full of wonderful little treats, Ardy!


You' welcome, Jillian. This is my favorite color too.

You're welcome, Barb. Glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome, Shirley. It was no where near this tall when I had it moved. Sam did it for me. But can you imagine trying to see around this while backing out of a driveway into the busy street? lol I love it out back.


I love it, Ardy, they are a lovely plant in any size, Thank you.


Very pretty shade of pink, so clear. Love it. Thanks for sharing it, Ardy. Hugs ☺♥


Love this bright pink variety Ardy, lovely thank you.


Thanks AB. It comes in several variety of blooms, red, hot pink (like this one) light pink, lavender and white. Another nice day. Hope your weather is behaving. Huggles.


A beautiful colour Ardy.
This is a new plant to me.
It is lovely to hear you sounding so positive.
Stay safe


I enjoy it, Jacki. My friend, Helen bought this years ago and planted it at the end of the front walkway by the street. It was supposed to be a dwarf. When Helen went into the nursing home in 1998 I had it moved to the back. I was already having trouble seeing to drive out of the driveway. lol Thanks. ♥Hugs♥


Thanks Faye. Glad to hear you are staying safe up there.


How nice you have your crepe myrtle back in bloom, Ardy. hugs


Such a lovely tree...lucky you! 💕💕💕

The smoke has diminished a bit and we have sunshine today. It will be hot. The boys are taking the garbage to the dump and then picking up milk and eggs at the little store. Saw two deer at the shoreline across the lake a few days ago.


Thanks, alias2v.

Me too, Sandi. Thanks.

Thank you, Maddie.


Gorgeous flowers..!


I love that color!!!


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