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1 ~ 'People around the world' ~ (MEX)

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Diana Angela Martinez Rivera.
Chichimeca people, ('Jonaz') Mexico.

People series.
*Max. level 320 pcs.

"Only one ethnic group is customarily referred to as Chichimecs, namely the Chichimeca Jonaz, a few thousand of whom live in the state of Guanajuato."
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Dankjewel pukkiepuk,hetzelfde voor jou.




To you, too, my Friend!


Thank you pukkiepuk!


@mandato @eagleboi @PutterDutt @Isaly2 @beeld @nanapuzzler Thanks everyone for stopping by to leave such nice comments, I'm happy you enjoy the 'people around the world' series. It's good to know that they won't be forgotten... I'm wishing everyone a very beautiful day with many love & peace. :-))))


The Aztecs were Nahuatl-speaking people who lived in central Mexico in the 14th to 16th centuries. (diffencom)
The Spanish invasion resulted in a "drastic population decline of all the peoples known collectively as Chichimecas, & to the eventual disappearance as peoples of all save the Pames of San Luis Potosí & the related Chichimeca-Jonaz of the Sierra Gorda in eastern Guanajuato." In modern times, only one ethnic group is customarily referred to as Chichimecs, namely the Chichimeca Jonaz, a few thousand of whom live in the state of Guanajuato. (wiki) I hope this could answer your question Marina.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy these wordly travels. I've been posting this series for a very long time & still haven't finished 'traveling around'. :-)))


Wonderful portrait of yet another important culture that we know so little about! I LOVE ETHNIC THEME PUZZLES!!


Vier prachtige portretten!!


Thanks pukkiepuk for this beautiful picture of the young Chichimeca girl.


A beautiful young woman. Thank you, pukkiepuk!


Around the world great subject thank you and this puzzle was enjoyable. Have a great day my friend


I DID enjoy solving it, pukkiepuk. All the 'people of the
world' posts are interesting. A good theme, thank you.


Aztecs? I like your idea of putting here people around the world.. Thanks

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