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Remembering Lucky -- our friendly GIANT

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Febr. 1972 - 3 August 1990
He was our first kitty boy of our married life from 6. February 1973 until 3 August 1990.
After we just got married December 1972 we got a place of our own and moved in on 3. February 1973. We had discussed to wait to get a cat while I was also working full-time, we figured it wouldn't be fair to leave a cat home alone all day. We both have always had cats in our lives so it wasn't easy to spend our first weekend without a cat (yes, even as being newly weds☺☺).... I did seem to see a cat everywhere in our new home, I almost started talking to my handbag sitting on a chair when I took it for a cat.☺ My hubby watched how I 'struggled' and decided to surprise me. While I was totally unaware at work he took Tuesday afternoon off and went to the rescue shelter.
When I came home from work that Tuesday I walked up the stairs and heard him talking to 'someone' so I thought we had a visitor. I took off my coat and went into the living room to see who it was and there I saw this huge handsome cat walking in our room not really scared but cautiously greeting me. I instantly fell in love and forgot all about our plan to wait to have a cat!
In the shelter they figured he was about 11 months old. Within 14 days he still could be claimed by his 'owner' before we could officially adopt him so I had 14 terrible days hoping he wouldn't sit in the windowsil sothat someone would recognize his of her cat and we had to give him up again. Luckely for us nobody ever claimed him so we could call him OUR cat.
He had the size of a medium dog and weighed 12 kilos in his 'good' days. He didn't want anything to do with babies when our first son Patrick was born in 1975, but he did wake me up every night @3:30 AM stipt the first six weeks when he was crying . Lucky would get a treat during those nights whilst I was warming up a bottle. But when Patrick finally slept through the first night, Lucky woke me up @3:30AM but I didn't hear our son cry! I stayed in bed and told Lucky to do the same! LOL
One early morning at 6:30 in 1976 Lucky woke me up and he was growling, I had no idea why he did this. After I got up and opened the curtains I noticed that our car which was parked on the street in front of our home was stolen. Men at work on our pavement told us they had seen two young men get in the car and drive off! We did get the car back in one piece (it was parked along the highway in Rotterdam), but I'm still convinced Lucky wanted to warn us about our car getting stolen!
So many great memories of our 'first' cat coming into my head again even after such a long long time!

Lucky was our friendly Giant for 17½ years!!!
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Sorry for the late reply:

Thank you, GG, yes, he was an amazing kitty. So many memories come to mind, like this one. We had friends with a dog called Vlekkie (Spotty) and sometimes they brought him to us for a couple of hours. He couldn't be home alone. We also had a cute guinea pig called Ringo. He was safe in his cage when Vlekkie was at ours. Lucky never bothered Ringo, but Vlekkie was sort of obsessed by him and kept putting his nose against his cage, while Lucky, who was madly in love, was stroking Vlekkie's hind legs...LOL

You're welcome, Patsy. It was my pleasure to share some of those memories with you.
We were indeed lucky to have Lucky in our lives for such a long time.

Thank you, Impie, for sharing memories of Lucky with us. He and you and your family were all lucky to have those 17½ years together.


He sounds like an amazing kitty, Impie. Such wonderful memories! Thank you for sharing this story with us! ☺


Yeah, dhi, indeed,but she was my favourite aunt, I guess she meant well, LOL

Thank you, lurdo, I'm happy to share photos and the story of our friendly Giant.:)

That's true, Faye, I'm glad I've never experienced that with our pets or with our 'real' kids and I sure wish this won't ever change!☺

You're welcome, Ella. He was a sweetheart and very easy going. It's odd he became so 'big', I remember telling you he didn't eat "cat food", just 200 grams (100gr.per meal) raw beef (poulet), nothing more nothing less! Or it must've been from the few Catsanal treats he then got each day. It contains yeast and when he got problems with his intestines I didn't give them to him anymore!

Oh yes, nillie, although I also remember so many (special) moments of all the cats who were in my life! Each had their unique personality and I loved them all! (**whisper** though I think you know who I've favoured the most!)☺
Thanks and good night ♥♥

They sure, do, dfwkrw. Over the years I've learned to 'understand' cats (a little), but like with humans each have their own way of speaking to us and we'll never really 'know' them 100%.
We were very lucky with Lucky for 17½ wonderful years! I'm glad you enjoyed Lucky's story!

Thank you, Kayell. That's a neat way to put it....LOL
In proportion to his huge body his cute tail looked rather small!☺


Lovely boy, Impie. He definitely looks to have been what a friend describes as "traditionally built"!

Our dear, precious pets leave footprints on our hearts. They speak to us if only we take the time to listen. How wonderful you had so many blessed years with your beloved kitty! Thank you for sharing Lucky's story!


The things we experience for the first time have a special meaning, and not just because they have an impact on the course of life un the futureץ So you were lucky to have Lucky as said. your first, friendly Giant. Thanks Impie and good night ♥♥


Thank you, Impie, for this lovely story about Lucky. He sure looks like a sweetheart!


I've heard of almost no pets turning on their "parents"...but I can cite any number of "real" kids who have!

What a great memory Mrs. Impie,and what a wonderful Cat Lucky was,


Some people just never get it, Impie.


He was, dhi....thank you for your lovely story about Frosty too.
In the first 2½ years of our marriage I often carried "Lucky's "photo-album with me when we went to visit family and/or friends. I remember my aunt saying to my mum, that will be over once she'll have 'real'' kids. They thought Lucky was substitue for a child. They couldn't believe after our kids were born (1975,1978) that we still could be so happy with our "CAT'......some people :))


You're welcome, Dobra. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story of our Lucky. We'll never forget our pets, but it also amazes myself that on this special day (imagine 31 years ago) I still have so many vivid memories of him to share. :)


What a very special cat he was for you.

My most recent cat provided messages regularly, too.

A long time ago, Frosty, would wake my husband up every morning to make sure he took his insulin on time. And once a year, my husband would sit down and talk to him about daylight savings time each spring. He was a big cat, 20 lbs. and lived to age 20.


Thanks, Faye. Yes, though in the very end he wasn't really so 'lucky' anymore and got problems with his intestines. We went to the Vet almost every 10 days to help him with his stool. He was the perfect "Vet cat" so to speak, he let the Vet help him without giving a squek. He just hated to be captured and put in the huge (fishing)bag, but once on my lap in the car I unzipped the bag and he relaxed.....he could watch out the windows!❤️❤️❤️

P.S. Looking at Coffee in your avatar, I think Lucky was also taller than Coffee. LOL


Thank you Inpie for a beautiful story and memory!


Great memories, Impie...they put a smile on your face and warm your heart. ❤️❤️❤️

P.S. Lucky weighed more than Coffee. LOL


Thank you Dustydog, I'm so happy with Jigidi. I'll never forget either of our kitties and their "dates" are printed in my head, but here I can also share their stories with you all around the world!:)
Hope you're doing well after your recent loss♥


You're welcome, tisketsmum, I have so many fond memories of him and so have our sons. Once after they got passed the baby stage, Lucky was friends with them too! He loved me too, but my hubby's always been his favourite person, he could do nothing wrong,while I always got 'punished' and "ignored" by him for a couple of days after we'd come back from 2 weeks holiday. LOL

Thank you, doggylover! In Holland where I live....1 pound is 500 grams, so our Lucky weighed 24 pounds. Anyway you're right, he was huge!!:)

Yeah, Anne, imagine that ....12 kilos is 24 (Dutch) pounds and Lucky was a real "lap cat"! ♥☺♥
Lucky was 'sensitive'. For 21 years I've never really felt "comfortable" in our former home (on hind sight Leroy told me he felt the same). André worked 3 shifts and often when he had late shift (3PM to 11 PM) and the boys were in bed I was alone in the living room with Lucky. I can't count the times Lucky suddenly sat down in the middle of the room and kept staring upwards for minutes....there was nothing to see, but it always gave me cold shivers and I hardly dared move!!! I don't know whether it was because of his staring that was freaking me out or that I felt I 'sensed' something too! André used to say: "he's seeing "Mumsels" (a made up word for seeing invisible things) ☺☺☺

Thank you, Betty, oh yes, a lot of wonderful memories.Lucky was our first kitty 'kid':)
We had a woolen blanket on our bed in those days and Lucky always slept on our bed, but first he'd sit on André's shin and kneaded the blanket getting a big drop coming out of his big brown nose! LOL

Aw thank you AMomentInTime. Yes, whilst thinking back so many detailed memories come back again.
I solved the puzzles and slant it to the right and OMG I can see what you mean. I see the head of a panda too! Those were chipwood tiles we had on this wall, but in those days I've never noticed the panda! Thank you and welcome to the Jigidi's Imaginary Imagine Club...:-))

That's true, Rebecca and when that 'complete family' falls apart for any reason, only then you know what you're missing. Yet, I still stick to the fact that Goofie was and will be our last kitty!:)
I'm glad my memories made you smile. I bet if you read more of his 'adventures' in my comments, it will make you smile too! :)


What a wonderful story about a wonderful cat!


A pet of any kind makes a house a home, and a family complete. Thanks for sharing the memories that made me smile.


What a wonderful story about your cherished Lucky! Sounds as if his name covered the fortune he found with you and, in turn, the wealth of love and memories he gave in return. When I slant this photo to the right, I see another symbol of good luck and peace - the formation of the head of a panda with two defined "eyes." I hope this rememberance of Lucky was as rewarding for you as it is to us.

Sweet boy! Wonderful memories!


26 POUND is huge indeed.


Oh, my - a 26 pound cat is huge indeed. I love the story and I absolutely believe that there are some cats, if not all of them, who do "guard" their homes and people. I've had a couple in my lifetime like that. What wonderful memories you have to warm you.


so sweet


Thank you for sharing his story Impie; he looks like he was a gentle giant.

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