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15 Movie Visual Effects That Were Insanely Hard To Pull Off - Aquaman

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From the comedy website, an article by Andrea Meno, June 2, 2021.

"Two-second scenes from movies sometimes take months to accomplish. For example, every single frame of a translucent ghost in 'Ghostbusters' had to be drawn by hand. Here are 14 more visual effects that took more effort than we realized…"

This is #5 from the list.
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I can't say I love cats. It kind of depends on how you prepare them.

Mischka, Did you ever get to sleep that night (morning)? It's 4:40 AM and I am also desirous of staying up. BUT I'm supposed to go to Mom's to work on her "honey-do" list this morning. Hmmm, maybe I SHOULD just stay up.... Whattaya think?
I hope she decides to postpone! Hope, hope, hope, Hope,,,,


Me too Joanmeloon. Welcome to jigidi:-)

Juba, I love cats


Phew, thank goodness for modern technology.


No, msb... I strolled outside my perimeter and my ankle bracelet alerted The Man...


Thanks Donnajames!


mpp, I thought perhaps a gator had gotten you.

mpp.....or we'll have to fight who gets to do CPR breathing on him!!!


Finally free to visit! So, the above look took months and months? When he's so gorgeous normally? I hope he got to come up for air occasionally...


Thanks for the info on the visual effects. I knew it took a lot of time, just not that much.

@Jal - such a beautiful family. You are very fortunate! :-)) dj


Oh thank you! You are very sweet. I'm starting a new diet and exercise program for myself. I am always interested in other people's, but I'm never sure if people want to see mine. Thanks again Mischka!


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Interesting, thanks Mischka!

That I do.


Thanks for caring Ianto :-)

Good then.


This is quite fascinating, thanks for the education.


I type so therefore I am.

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Tell me about it.


I'm feeling both sleepy and desirous of staying up. It's a curse, I tell you! :-)

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Hey, @Ms_Maddy, good morning from Miami! It's 4 a.m. here and I'm going to bed very soon. How are you, today?

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