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Quiz Question For Bonnie's Birthday

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In what country does Bonnie live?

a) England
b) Canada
c) Wales
d Scotland
e) Nepal
f) none of the above

Have a wonderful day with lots of great years to follow. Thanks for all the quizzes and puzzles you provide. You're one of the best Professors at Jigidi U. Love and Hugs.
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Thank you Solid :))


Late Happy B_Day, only found out now @manicpuzzler




Her leaving has left a BIG hole.


I know I cried for Freddy at the time. And Growley and his bear friends. I know they were stuffed animals but they had been such fun and died along with Hester.


I felt sorry for poor Freddy...


I agree Ardy :(


An aneurism makes the most sense, heart attack or a blood clot also come to mind. Wish her husband would have been willing to let us know. ☺ What a shock that must have been for him to come home and find her.


It was so sudden I leant towards heart or brain problem.


Thanks, Bonnie. Really tells nothing. :-(


They just said natural causes, but that can cover everything!


I've often wondered what happened. She wasn't that old and in seemingly good health, active.


Hester's passing made a huge dent, I felt quite ill for a few weeks when I heard the news.


Aw, ♥


I have a little sheep from her that she bought at a craft shop we visited sitting at eye level above my kitchen sink. ❤️


Thanks, Bonnie. I think of Hester so often and miss her. I have her profile and Growley's in my followed list. ♥


Yes I live in beautiful Wales. (I didn't want to give the game away :)) )

I still miss Hester so much, I wish I had got to meet her.


That's what I was remembering, Faye. Thanks.


That's correct, Ardy. Bonnie lives pretty close to where Hester was... 💕


@manicpuzzler I thought you would answer the quiz question. But since you didn't:

the universal answer - c) Wales (At least I'm pretty sure that's right. lol)


I'm pleased you liked my little sparrow singing to you, Bonnie. I was going to send birthday wishes in a reply on your puzzles yesterday but wasn't that sure I had the date correct. My your year be filled with happy surprises. Hugs.


Thank you Heidi and Shirley for adding your wishes.



Thank you so much everyone :))

Thank you for the lovely card Ardy, a lovely surprise :))


Happy Birthday Bonnie! a lovely card, Ardy.
My older sister shares a Birthday with Bonnie, she was born 1 August 1942.


Happy Birthday, Bonnie!!! May it be the start of the best year of your life, and may each successive year be even better.


Thanks, Suzy. I'm hoping it really was her birthday today. I don't see anyone else mention it. But I had it on my calendar from last year. Really miss Ank and her birthday calendars. ♥♥♥


A birthday wish puzzle in two ways! Happy Birthday, Bonnie!!!


Thank you, Isaly2, Pat, Barb, Faye, and zumbachick. Thanks for adding your greetings and playing along.

Happy Birthday Bonnie


I raise my Pims #1 to you, Bonnie. Happy, Happy Birthday! And many, many more! 🙂🙂🙂

Love your little cutie pie chirping out joyous birthday wishes, Ardy! 🙂❤️🙂


Happy Birthday, Bonnie. I hope you are having a wonderful one 🎂🎁

I sure know where she lives....LOL


Happy birthday Bonnie .. Have a wonderful special day .. Hugs

Cute card Ardy ..


I know!!! Happy Birthday Bonnie. Hope you have a wonderful birthday with many more to come.....


Thanks Su, Francine, Pam and alias2v, for adding your good wishes and playing along. Don't see that you spoiled the quiz, alias. lol Depending on where one lives you either eliminated one possibility or eliminated all but one. And you could be wrong!!!!


Happy birthday, Bonnie!

Oh, sorry if I spoiled the quiz-answer :)

PS. Great card, Ardy.

Happy Birthday, Bonnie, and I know where you live - my bonnie lives over the ocean, my bonnie lives over the sea :)


I'm pretty sure I know. ☺︎
Wishing you a Most Happy Birthday, Bonnie! ♥︎
Thanks for this cheerful, fun, thoughtful puzzle, Ardy. ☀️


As Su, I also know. :)
Happy Birthday, Bonnie. Hope you're having a wonderful day.


lol Ardy . . . I know . . . I know . . . I know . . . ;-)

Happy Birthday Bonnie . . . have a great day.



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