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Art Deco Delights 2

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  1. puzzleplease1:18
  2. minsann1:20
  3. auntmom71:21
  4. brightspark1:22
  5. troutmma1:26
  6. JavaChip341:27
  7. fox661l1:31
  8. Kriden1:34
  9. skpy1:48
  10. Kevin11:57


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10/4 GOOD BUDDY!!!! :-))))!


You are most welcome, Jerri. I figure if I can finish a puzzle at all, I've won!! LOL

Slow and stead wins the race.....or so I've heard it said...but the leaderboard
says differently...wonder who is right...hmmmmmmmmmmm
Interesting puzzle. It looks like my stash of quilt making materials.
Thank you for shareing this.


I'm glad you enjoyed this puzzle, Denyce. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Wonderful patterns - love it - thanks capn**


Oh, Brightie - how difficult for you to have to do this again. It is really necessary for a group effort to get this dastardly virus under control - and I know here, that it's hard to get everybody on board. I hope that the lockdown 4 won't be for too long. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your hubby, your family and your countrymen. Many hugs to you, my friend. XXOO


Outstanding my dearest friend - hope you had a lovely weekend ♥♥♥ we gone to lockdown 4 now and praying it will contain the rampaging spread of covid by us ♥♥♥♥


I am really a huge fan of Art Deco, browndr. The designs are just fascinating to me. Thanks so much for solving and commenting.

Love Art Deco puzzles, the geometrics and colors just seem to fall into place. Thank you..

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