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Flower series...

Spider Mums are an exciting variety of chrysanthemum, not only for its beautiful white head, but for its energetic shape that has spider leg like legs, protruding from the center. All varieties are grown in Colombia and Ecuador, which is the ideal climate to grow Spider Mums, for premium quality. They are long-lasting and a favorite for Wedding Flowers. Their heads are slightly larger than the Fuji varieties. For your wedding, they can be a really fun and sophisticated choice for Wedding Bouquets and can definitely be a highlight for centerpieces in medium size vases, arranged with complementing blooms. For a cooler tone, you may consider arranging with Gardenia Flowers, White Alstroemeria, White Roses, and Blue Hydrangeas. They also look great strung through Seeded Eucalyptus garland, along with Babys Breath Flowers and White Garden Roses. These Mums are versatile for many combinations.
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Glad you like it K...Bernadette

what a fascinating specimen - thanks Bernadette :-))


Hello @mother123456 isn't this an incredible looking mum? It looks very exotic and unique, almost like a Jellyfish!


Thank you Cyndi. When I first saw this flower on line, I thought it was an orchid because it was on the same screen all the orchids were on. But I was finally able to discover its identity by doing a right click on the image and searching for a similar image on the web. Mystery solved!
@Isaly2 Have a nice day my friend...Bernadette

I've never seen this one before and can definitly see the difference! Thanks for sharing jbprols2.


I'm so glad you were able to spend time with your nephew and his wife for a happy visit. What an exquisite Chrysanthemum. Love it...


We have had a busy summer so far with more family and friends since before Covid started. @jandchris

How lovely for you - it's a while since you saw him and, as you say, it was lovely to see them for a happy reason instead of a death in the family. So glad you are having visits from friends and family!


It has been a wonderful weekend because we got a visit from my nephew and his wife from Tennessee. We hadn't seen him since my brother died in September of 2019, in Tennessee. It was wonderful to have a visit for a happy reason instead of a death in the family! Hope you are having a lovely evening...Bernadette

Oh wow - I have never heard of this but wish I could see one. It really is stupendous! Thanks Bernadette. Hope your weekend is going well.


Hi June! I finally discovered the identity of this beautiful flower. A spider mum!

It would be easier to pronounce than it's real name. lol It really is a fascinating flower.


Let's call it the Jellyfish orchid!

I have never seen anything like this before - it almost looks as though it's a Jellyfish!!!. Most unusual, interesting and so very beautiful. Thank you Bernadette..


@jandchris Have you ever seen one of these June?

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