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The proclamation of the German Empire

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France and Prussia had a war lasting from July 19, 1870 to January 28, 1871. France was defeated because they had underestimated the power of Prussia. On January 18, 1871 Wilhelm I was proclaimed German Emperor in the Hall of Mirrors of the Palace of Versailles. The kingdoms of Bavaria, Württemberg, and Saxony, the states of Baden and Hesse, and the free cities of Hamburg and Bremen were unified with the North German Confederation to create the German Empire. The final peace treaty, the Treaty of Frankfurt, was signed on May 10, 1871. Otto von Bismarck was able to secure Alsace-Lorraine as part of the German Empire. Resentment against the French government led to the establishment of the Paris Commune in March 1871 by Parisian workers and members of the National Guard. The radical socialist government lasted through late May 1871.
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@Nicepeach2, thank you for the kind compliment. No, I've never been a teacher but I've been a voracious learner since childhood. I read your profile, Mary, and I commiserate with you on the loss of your husband. You may feel lonely but you are not alone for it is indeed a beautiful world. Stay engaged in it and live this beautiful life. Chattanooga seems like a very nice city - small but full of history, opportunities, and attractions. I believe Jigidi is a great community because we respect each other and we value family (includes pets), art, education, history, and LOL food! Nice to meet you.


@scifi72, what a concise explanation of all the wars and alliances, etc and your comment I found so interesting. Maybe you should be a teacher or maybe you are. Blessings, Mary. I also agree that jigidi is great.


History is always at play. This Franco-Prussian War lead to Germany being a unified nation. France, Germany, and the other European powers continued their rivalries which led to WW I which facilitated Russia becoming the USSR. War's end remapped Europe, the Mideast, and Africa. The Versailles Treaty humiliated Germany which had its payback as WW II which made the USA the leading world power with the USSR as a rival. This began the Cold War which drained the USSR which brought Russia back in 1991. America helped Europe and Japan recover and those powers rose again to compete on a global stage once again beginning in the 1970's.

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