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  1. Ribs2:32
  2. qpr2:46
  3. leekwyoung2:54
  4. RosieSmurf2:58
  5. iabdai3:03
  6. hrmprp3:17
  7. jippy3:18
  8. salvo4183:25
  9. Kf73:26
  10. jacques753:26


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Thanks all for your nice comments, I do appreciate them a lot!


@niccolino59, the first time I went to England, I stayed in Weymouth. Lovely days, I still remember them very well though it was 50 years ago!


Been to Weymouth many times on holiday in my youth. This is a lovely painting/print. I like the 'texture'. There is also so much going on, you can see something different each time you look. So much movement.


Hmmm jerrys, I sure don't know. I assumed it was painted for a magazine illustration, so then an engraver had to reproduce it on a steel plate so it could be placed along with the metal type into a frame, inked up and produced in thousands of copies? I think if it were a color copy it would have to be inked separately for each color and run off again and again?


Clearly before everyone took the car...


@Berkeleyborn Thanks for an interesting start to my day. Does Jeffries paint in pointillistic style or is the image pixilated? I appreciate the tag.


Good morning, Audrey. Jeffries is a genuine specialist. Thanks, I'm off to bed!


Didn't know Mike Jeffries work. . .but found out. . .
One of the old school who paints what he loves best, regarded by some as Britain's leading commercial vehicle artist he is also a very credible railway artist and the only one with direct hands on experience of life on the footplate in the days of steam. And want any old vehicle as a piece of art, you can commission him!
@carolsmc @eleanor_de @Bill_I_Am @jerrys @scifi72 @eagleboi

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