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Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)

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We all know and love this movie, don't we? Little Known Fact: Two different stuntmen were used to portray the creature, and therefore, two different suits were used in the movie. Ricou Browning played the creature when it was in the water and wore a lighter suit, Ben Chapman played the creature when it was out of the water with a darker suit.
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  1. gaiagirl4:04
  2. wobby4:56
  3. fox661l5:09
  4. sternsboy5:19
  5. spinning555:49
  6. yenny6:06
  7. Tmporsche6:16
  8. rascalthecat6:19
  9. 01saro6:23
  10. TONYBUTT6:33


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@scifi72 THANKS! I appreciate the size that's more manageable for me. Wonderful poster. Stay well and cool wherever you may be.


@scifi72 - I was told a few years back that there's an annual CFtBL convention in the Florida Panhandle - I've forgotten when and where. The actors show up, they have panels and games. It would be a gas to go.
There's probably a website, but I haven't bothered to look it up.

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