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Themes "Fairs, Fun times"

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Rock candy sticks
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I’ve never had rock candy before I don’t think but I would like to try it some time


I bet, Brightie you have had great time when making those at school. Children tremendously enjoy cooking in class.


You are welcome Janet. You could easily make these at home, my mom used to make sugar crystal but she didn't add colors.


Jill, Val and Dobra, in the late 60s there were more fairs than they are now.. In Greece apart from celebrating birthdays the Church celebrates name days : If a church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, all the women named "Mary" celebrate at the same day and a big fair was organised in the Church's parish. There were stalls and vendors selling clothes, various accessories, handbags, kitchenware, presents, toys, tin soldiers, perfume and ornaments, ties for men, socks etc plus candy floss, donuts and the above candy sticks for the kids. This custom continued up to 2020 and the appearance of Covid.
On the 17th of July is my name day. The Church of St. Marina is nearby but no fair will take place. I just hope the custom of the fair returns when Covid disappears for good.


Thank you Iris. I wonder if you could get these in the are you live?


Pretty but have never seen these before thank you Marina☺♥


Marina, I've never seen that, we don't have it here.


stunning puzzle - we used to make these at school was such fun ☺☺☺☺


A very pretty puzzle thanks Marina. They sound and look delicious. Hugs. ♥


New sight for me too. Thanks Marina


Sweet nostalgic bliss! grins!☺


Thank you triciab5581, I'll try making them.


Hi Cindy, these sticks used to be sold in local fairs up to 2019 in Greece, they are made of crystalized sugar and edible artificial colors. They are great to eat.


Put a stick (or a string) in a container of super-saturated sugar water, cover it to keep things out, and leave it... You'll see your own rock candy form. Takes a while, but it's a good little experiment in crystal structure for kids, plus of course it tastes good :-D


Hmm we never had rock candy sticks just rock candy in a bag. Hope you are having a good day.

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