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600 pieces
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  1. Eddie653:45:38
  2. siouxzn10:38:03
  3. gloriaredpen12:55:36


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Well done, gloriaredpen! That was a true puzzle-marathon, so well done for finishing.
I don't look at the picture either once I've started. For me it's not so much a rule as a way to enjoy the finished puzzle more!

I find that the pace at which I can put together a puzzle depends on how effectively I can organize the pieces. After getting the orange patch fairly quickly, it was nearly impossible to organize the rest of them into anything workable (without looking at the pic, which in my own rules is cheating). Nice job, Eddie. This was the biggest challenge I've ever had at Jigidi.


Wow, you did it! Well done, siouxzn, and I'm glad to hear you're alive and snarling. ; )
I really appreciate the time you put into this solve. Thank you, and have a restful weekend!


This one took days...continuous intrusions to make sure I was still alive were met with affirmative snarls ;-) Thanks Eddie, really excitingly challenging!!!

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