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Sue's Crackled Glass Recycled

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WELCOME BACK, SUE. I'm so delighted that Sue has recovered enough to post a puzzle. I love her crackled glass puzzles. Couldn't wait to play with it. Thank you Sue. More healing ((HUGS)) coming your way. Sue puts a small red heart in the bottom right corner of her own creations. It you look very carefully you may find it in the bottom middle kaleido.

Most of Sue's puzzle is in the center square. All the surrounding kaleidos were made from that puzzle. Link to the smallest size of the complete original:
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  1. bomberg1:00:09
  2. elliann1:07:39
  3. jillyp11:20:04
  4. ebkrueg1:21:09
  5. geelee1:26:30
  6. BarbaraL1:30:10
  7. zmn1:36:08
  8. psellars1:46:27
  9. benzinha1:47:05
  10. galwaykate1:47:43


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Thanks, Barbara. I agree. ♥


The top left is a winner.


I'm not surprised. I had to go back and find it on the original and then make the puzzle as big as I could. Now I can see it even in this preview size. Or think I can. lol

It is well hidden - still can't see it - That's ok - great puzzle. Thank you.


Garner10 look at the outer edge where the dark spaces are. On each side are two shades of orangeish spots. The red heart is in the upper one of those two. I won't be surprised if you still can't see it. LOL Thanks for enjoying the puzzle.

Welcome back Sue.

Well that heart is very well hidden because I could not find it. I did see the one in the middle right square. Thanks for the great puzzle.

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