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Blue Cabbages

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Picked just in time, the cabbage moths had laid their eggs in the outer leaves near the core already. I pick them regardless of size the day I see the cabbage moths in the garden. One year I waited I thought I could get bigger cabbages and I ended up with jack. The bugs ate them inside out in two days.
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We, too, have had heat. And some of your smoke. So I suffer physically and emotionally. And drought that's really affecting the farmers. But the river and reservoirs are still okay for now. Here in the city we can still water. Yesterday it occurred to me to put out water for the hares and birds that visit our yard. And containers to catch water whenever the sprinkler is on.

Wishing you all the best as you compete with birds and squirrels and other critters and find ways to take care of yourself.


Been to dry for to many slugs and such here, birds swiping the strawberries before I get them. Squirrels biting fruit in the orchards and in general causing chaos. Seems to be a lot of them right now with the drought going on. Looking for water. I find most greens a bugger to grow, they bolt or go bad long before you can eat them. This year we went straight from winter into a heatwave, not good for greens on my sunny southern slope.

Congrats for saving these beauties.
This year for the first time I planted a lot of greens, mostly Asian greens, mostly brassicas, especially mustards. Even though most bolted in the heat, I'm still harvesting more than we can eat (so know to plant less next year). Last week I saw one cabbage moth. Today several. And I've found one caterpillar on greens I was washing. What I had assumed was just a little slug damage may be caterpillar damage. Next week I'll do another planting in pots on the deck, out of slug territory, where I can keep a better eye on the greens.

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