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  1. pmc35:23
  2. eltring38:37
  3. chadzopkyo42:49
  4. jocelyn48:27
  5. Klm55:42
  6. Chrismwks55:45
  7. Firestarter57:27
  8. Weisman57:31
  9. Kickinashff57:48
  10. julie07231:00:49


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Those intoxicating blooms! :-)


Nice. Let's hope it won't be hacked!

Seen from far above are these flowerbeds. Aliens constructed them.
They have moved on from creating crop circles.
All flowers must be smelled sequentially in one walk to achieve alien awareness.
Communication is possible if you are intoxicated enough.

This is much larger than it appears. It is a huge maze. The connecting passageways are not visible from the outside. Inside it is well ventilated and has ample lighting. Doorways in the maze are changed daily and randomly by computer so it will always be a fun challenge no matter how many times people return. * Alternately, it is a backyard toy. There is water inside and when kids jump on it, it sprays up out of tiny holes that only open under pressure. Sensors assure that adequate water pressure is maintained. Bluetooth controls allow the holes to be enlarged so they spray constantly. If you set this unit on a slight slope above a water slide, the excess water will keep the slide wet. Have fun! :-)

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