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Frankenstein (1931) movie poster in Spanish

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It's interesting to see how other cultures present our horror icons in movie posters. This one really says it - from the fleeing urban crowd to the death beams emanating from his eyes. And poor Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the Italian-Swiss scientist who dared to play God, is in the Monster's clutches. The poster has a very Art Deco feel. I think it's an exciting, colorful, and scary movie poster. In the 1930's and 1940's people could not view trailers - they might have seen previews in the theatre before - so the posters were used to inform the public and lure in customers. The other big draw for film patrons was "Come Inside. It's cool!" and free dishware. Theatres used to have ashtrays for your convenience too. And intermissions. And ushers in uniforms. And newsreels, serials, cartoons, double-features, cry rooms, smoker's lounge. There are still Jujubes, my favorite because they lasted forever, but they no longer have real jujube fruit juice. One more thing - we had to dress up, kinda like Sunday School, to go to the movies.
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@jerrys -- You did? I love you back! Hahaha - you didn't laugh -- I think I kinda won!


@Mischka A good day to you! (Loved your Karloff comment.)


Good morning, @jerrys. :-)


What fun! You've seen a lot of cinema, @scifi72, if you remember seeing movies in the '30s. ;-)

No, seriously, I love reading accounts of the theater-going experience back then. There's so much great fiction and fact - come to think of it, I've been wanting to see "Matinee" again (John Goodman as William Castle!).

I don't know why the Spanish poster latinizes Laemmle's name to "Carlos," lol, but they're right that Frankenstein is the doctor. Maybe they read the book. The English book is practically unreadable - because damn Percy Shelley had to pervade Mary's writing with travelogues of the Natural Sublime, the narcissist - unlike "Dracula," which is a very exciting read for its era. I'd love to be fluent enough in Spanish to see how it was translated.
("¡El cadáver! ¡El monstruo está enojado! ¡El horror, el terror!")

I'm probably the only person alive who thinks that Karloff was downright adorable as the Creature. I always thought him good-looking (and preferred him over Bela Lugosi), and somehow the make-up department made him sheerly cute. I've been laughed at before for this belief, so feel free to laugh at me now. :-D


@scifi72 Ah, jujubes, a fond flavor memory, and I so remember dressing up to go to "the show."

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