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Werewolf of London - movie poster from the 1930's

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This movie, Werewolf of London (1935), was the first Hollywood mainstream film to feature a werewolf. Its cast included Warner Oland, who became the popular Charlie Chan in sixteen movies. Although Oland was born in Sweden he alleged that his slight Asian features were due to Mongolian ancestry. Well yeah, the Mongols hit Poland but were not successful at Austria and Germany and never entered Scandinavia. And that was in 1241. Talk about cultural misappropriation but it was a different time. Note: In past auctions this poster has fetched $50,000 to $75,000.
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  1. sdrini7:16
  2. Rosie568:00
  3. spinning558:51
  4. GrandmaJo8:54
  5. KLY8:56
  6. Tex_puzz9:26
  7. 6rescues11:17
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Hmm. . . I was there too, on that Venice trip. You knew me as Berkeleyborn.


Beautiful movie poster. . . amazing resolution. Thank you for posting scifi72. . . I like your profile and it was great fun seeing Venice with you.


@6rescues - I just read your profile. I only hope that Tibet could become free of Chinese control - as I wish the same for the Uighurs. And I chuckled at the comment about tourists which your own state encourages - LOL. But yes, I do understand being from Chicago. We are the ones who so frequently invade Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Missouri anyone?


If only. As in if only we understood that 20th century ephemera could become so valuable. Action Comics No. 01 (the 1st appearance of Superman) just sold for $3.25 million dollars. A near mint copy of Amazing Fantasy No. 15 (the 1st appearance of Spiderman) will sell for well over $1 million dollars. Remember, these comics only cost 10 cents on the newsstand. I also have puzzles for Frankenstein and for the Mummy. I love the art of the posters and I appreciate the effect those movies had on our culture.


Please tell you are the lucky owner of this incredible poster.

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