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Yellow Mini Rose

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Thursday morning I was able to get out into the back yard for the first time in 6 months. Cousin Cheerie Lou was here and took my walker down the steps.

This is a second blooming for my miniature yellow rose. These blooms are past their peak but it was so good to be able to get out to see them.

Glad it was this morning as we had another heavy rain this afternoon. Lasted only about 5 minutes but battered the flowers again.
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It's 22 C here now heading for 26 later. (10:25 a.m.) Party sunny according to the forecast but the sun hasn't gotten the message yet. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Ardy I like 22C but any higher gets too hot, we had 4C today, Jim and I went for a walk in our raincoats very brisk it was we managed 30 minutes Hugs dear friend ♥♥


Thank you, Val. It felt so good to be outside. I'm already a 3 walker person. I have a second rollator walker on the second floor and an old one with no wheels in the basement. I can't get down there without human help but it went down there when I get the second rollator for upstairs. Very cloudy and dark this morning. 22 C going up to 27C and light rain is the local forecast. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Wonderful to hear you managed to get outside with CL's help, what a pity you do not have somewhere to stash an outside walker by your steps so that you could manage to get to. You would be a two walker person, inside and out. Such a pleasure to enjoy your yellow Rose again and for you to have the time in the sun Hugs dear friend ♥♥


Thanks, alias2v. It was a special treat.


Thanks, Shirley. We've talked about it but it doesn't seem possible. If my balance bets better and I get a little stronger so I can get the walker up and down the steps I'll be fine. I'm hoping that's going to happen.

I am glad you finally was able to take a walk in your garden.


I'm thrilled for you, Ardy, to be able to get out in your garden, and for the picture of your sweet little yellow roses. Thank you.
Ardy, would you be able to have a ramp put in so you can go outside more often?


Thank you, Jillian. It was a real treat.


Ardy your rose is lovely but even more lovely is hearing that you were able to get outside, sit in the sun and take this pretty photo. So pleased


You're right, Francine. Wish it could happen more often. Thanks.


You're welcome, Barb. It was great to out outside to walk around. My walker has 8 inch wheels so no problem over grass etc. Hugs ♥


Wonderful you were in your backyard. So good for the morale. ♥


Beth, this one is about 5 years old. I didn't think it would come up last year there was so little of it left. But a year ago it did come up and was bigger and better than it ever had been. Same this year. I've been so excited with it.


How nice it is to go out to enjoy your blooming roses. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us, Ardy. Hugs ☺♥


I'm glad the mini rose is still with you. I'm very good at killing them. :(((


It was racoon star. Such a treat. Thanks.


Sounds like a wonderful time outside. :)


Thanks AB. It was delightful being there. My balance isn't real good so I would sit in my walker to take the photos. My cousin could not understand why I was willing to sit in the sun. It had been so long that it was a pleasure for those few minutes. ☺ Take care. Huggles.


Thanks, Jacki. Wish it could have been a few days earlier when they were prettier but thankful for getting out to see them at all. ♥Hugs♥


Andy .it must have been a milestone for you to get into your yard again.
The roses are perfect more so considering its their second flowering.
We have also had very heavy rain, its a shame its so damaging as the soil so desperately needs it.
Thank you for sharing your picture with us.
Take care.


Lovely little yellow roses, Ardy. Glad you had the chance to get back to them. hugs

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