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Actors Describe Their Most Dangerous Action Movie Stunts - Leo

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From the comedy website The Onion.

The Intro:

"As an actor, there's no better way to demonstrate your craft than by risking your life for a multibillion dollar studio franchise. We asked some of today's biggest action stars to describe their most dangerous stunts, and here is what they said."

4.) Leonardo DiCaprio =

"'Titanic' really tested my physical limits because I had to be romantically involved with someone that was my own age."
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I would have thought it was not wanting to pee while on the set playing in the water.
He hoping to be like Jack. Not the Jack of the Titanic, but the Jack who "Flew over the Cuckoo's nest' Nicholson. Minus the children.


Hoff is right, he didn't. The Onion is a comedy site. All the "quotes" are made up by the author of the article.


(he really did NOT).

I think he must have a pretty good sense of humour to come up with that answer.


If that is the most difficult stunt he has done, I am not impressed.


KC, you are right. that's not the good=looking guy i remember. i think he better start a weight program quickly.


WOW - he's really aging. Better keep that bank account big and fat if he wants only the young models.

Why this advertisement?