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TV Cowboys!
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  1. cuypertje25:01
  2. bfishman225:08
  3. Barbandken27:38
  4. MaKai230:21
  5. shteve30:50
  6. Tharl31:38
  7. Schimmi32:04
  8. Harmony833:27
  9. castlebob33:52
  10. telatour6136:34


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Mbuchner, that is Michael Ansara ( Law of the plainsman)

The Lone Ranger (who was not alone) is on the top right but his sidekick Tonto (Jay Silverheels I think) has a mustache! ...if that's him on the left side, second row from top, third one in. Both Brett and Bart Maverick are here but they were not of the same era as the Lone Ranger et al, so it's a mystery.


Tex Ritter singing Blood on the Saddle, Gabby Hayes ...


Wow, that brings back memories. Hoppy, Flash, Rocket man etc.


Most of the cowboys I watched were at the Saturday Morning Cinema in the 50s ... cost 6d real money; we didn't have tv at home then.


Tharl, maybe your'e just not as old as me lol, I only missed about ten!


OK, I got the Lone Ranger.
Not sure about the others - no Roy Rogers, Hopalong, "Mr Dillon"?
Even with a magnifying glass!

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