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  1. Marlene014:46
  2. Tweety11285:07
  3. puzzleplease5:44
  4. jlovermyer6:23
  5. pasta7:21
  6. raisavaz7:35
  7. margSky7:57
  8. Inks7:59
  9. Bevlaar8:17
  10. sazeisel9:11


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That was fun! Thanks!



Thank you so much, I do appreciate that! Hugs and blessings or you and Jason!


Dearest @LynnQuinn - i will keep you in my prayers too - I had keyhole surgery in 2009 for the same thing - it was from carrying my grandsons and sweeping them up in my arms when they would run to me ☺☺ could not believe I suffered for 2 years and once I had the op I never looked back ☺☺ so please Lord you will be able to have something done some how ♥♥♥ strength and faith my friend ♥♥♥


Thank you for the reply, Lynn :-)

Yes, I will certainly pray for you, my sister in Christ.

Do not strain the site of the injury, that way it may heal better.
I think you know this already :-0

Continue to take good care of yourself.
Rest and relax whenever you can.
Sleep is good. Healing and rejuvenation take place when we are in deep sleep.

Sending prayers and healing thoughts to you.

Please do not strain yourself in replying to this note.

Bless you, Jason! Yes, please pray!!! My provincial health coverage doesn't cover p/t. They won't do surgery unless the tendon is totally torn through. (I had this with my other shoulder 12 or 13 years ago, & took about 2 years to heal. This time it's my dominant arm, too. I am tryin hard to keep in mind Hebrews 12:5-12 and Romans 5:3-5. Thank you!


Ouch, 7 months is a long time :-(

Can the doctor or therapist help you in anyway?

It may take a bit longer for an older person to heal, but with care and proper treatment, good things can happen.

May I pray for you, Lynn?

Take care, keep safe and well.

Best regards,

PS : Just a "Yes", if you like me to pray for you will do, as I do not wish to cause you any inconvenience in typing a longer reply.

Thanks so much, Jason! 7 months so far, rotator cuff. I don't even know how I did it. Getting old!


Thank you, Sparky.

LynnQuinn, I hope that your shoulder injury will get better soon.

Best regards,

Brightspark, thanks! Just want you to know I appreciate your puzzles and the effort you put into them! I have a shoulder injury which makes typing quite painful (partly due to problematic keyboard). So, as it doesn't seem to be getting better very quickly, I feel I need to quit aggravating it by typing so much. Thankful I can use my non-dominant hand to use the mouse to do the puzzles, but won't be commenting much... but ill still be enjoying!

When I have several puzzles to do, I choose the most colorful to solve first. Wow! This one sure fits number one. Really pretty and fun to do. Thanks. Sandy


So happy you enjoyed this my sweet Pasta xx enjoy your evening xxx hugs ♥♥


Super, brightie. Love the bold colors. Have a warm evening and sweet dreams. :)



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