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Zomp & Zigzags

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Jigidi user Wednesday learned of a new color called "Zomp" and challenged me to do "Zigzags and Zomp" puzzle. Zomp is the name for a light green color on the Resene Color List produced by the hex triplet #39A78E. In early March 2018, the color began appearing in photoshops and image macros on Facebook after being referenced in a tweet. According to the "Spring Green" Wikipedia entry, the color zomp was created sometime in 2007. On May 21, 2016, a Tumblr user posted a screenshot of a description of the zomp color. The solid square in the top row is the image posted with the description. There aren’t too many fabrics using the color zomp, but (with a bit of artistic license) here is the puzzle I’ve created as a result of Wednesday’s challenge. Enjoy.
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  1. kathy558:43
  2. Meganrene0129:13
  3. snqh59:31
  4. RiverSmiles10:12
  5. Catonine10:22
  6. chanani10:41
  7. monet1411:12
  8. spiderchck11:26
  9. asrskz11:44
  10. ta_mosquito12:16


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You are so welcome, RiverSmiles. I know that each person's monitor could present colors differently so I'm hard pressed to answer your question. It's quite ironic, but my friend had on a shirt the other day that I would now characterize as Zomp - and maybe prior to this puzzle, I might have been called it aquamarine or teal - so bizarre!


Thank you, Donna. I'm glad you liked this puzzle.


Hi Cap'n, thank you for the beautiful creation, the deep jewel tones are my favorite. So "Zomp" has a tad more green than spruce?


Oh man the colors are just beautiful
thanks for sharing


I'm happy to hear that you liked this one, leanneliston.


It is a good thing I'm not in charge of defining colors, MLJLAK923. I am on the same page with you on teal. Thanks for stopping by.

It looks like that green that was so popular in the 1930's. I love this one, thanks.

Looks like teal to me. Good puzzle.


You are welcome, greatgranny4.

Thank you Capnjack


Thanks, amanaplan. It is always great to learn about something new - now, if I can just remember what it was for a few days!! LOL


Great colours, and great to learn about Zomp.


Thanks, pasta. It's fun to learn something - I also learned in this process that there are maybe six colors that start with the letter "z" and I've never heard of any of them!! So glad you enjoyed this.


I did not know this. Great job, I would say challenge met. Thanks Capnjack, all your puzzles are fun, and I enjoy doing them. :)


I know, sprywidow915. Who knew there was a color named zomp? Thanks for stopping by.

Doing puzzles can be educational. Today I learned about "Zomp"!

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