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Actors Describe Their Most Dangerous Action Movie Stunts - Keanu Reeves

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From the comedy website The Onion.

The Intro:

"As an actor, there's no better way to demonstrate your craft than by risking your life for a multibillion dollar studio franchise. We asked some of today's biggest action stars to describe their most dangerous stunts, and here is what they said."

16.) Keanu Reeves =

"It wasn't for a movie, but I once jumped off of a galloping horse only to get hit by a taxi while being chased by hit men down the streets of New York City."
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Yes, we are an amazing group of people!!!! And sloths!!!! :-)) dj


@Mischka yes thank you! I’m a jigsaw addict 🙀🥰🥰🥰 imagine my delight when I realized I didn’t need to make more space in my condo for physical puzzles and I could do them online 😹😹😹


Yes, thank you, Hoff. The sloths are beyond compare.


The people are not bad. The sloths are fantastic.


@TheDeadPoolians - I see you're new here; welcome to Jigidi!

You'll find puzzles of an amazing assortment, and the people are wild, warm, and wonderful.


So your BS Detector is working just fine, Bernadette!

@jbprols - :-D


It's all jokes, folks. Same for the one I just posted about DiCaprio. :-)

Not only were the actors not joking, they weren't even interviewed. All this stuff was made up for the article.


He may have been joking, too.


I like this actor :-))


Yet he says "not for a movie".


It was for John Wick 3..


If it was not for a movie, he has a much different life than I had thought.


He's no Ferris Bueller.

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