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  1. awarwick584:37
  2. moyrita5:35
  3. luly5:42
  4. KAMS1235:43
  5. glpusna5:49
  6. Paridae6:05
  7. Igelnasen6:18
  8. mbrysontx6:32
  9. donnf6:34
  10. JJ0136:37


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OMG, he's the cutest thing ever! Makes me smile every time I look at him!
Thank you FMM2


Bet the girls love that top knot!


Ain't nature grand!

All female birds are plain so the do not attract predators to their nests.


Oh, look. She's wearing a fascinator!!! What a little beauty. As an aside, because the coloring is so pretty, she's probably a boy. The boy birds are so colorful and alas, the girls are pretty plain! TFP.


What a beautiful and unusual bird! Thank you FosterMomMaria for showing this photo to us. :-)

Malachite Kingfisher


This little bird looks like it's wearing one of those silly hats currently in style in the horse racing social set at the Derby.

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